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Why ffmpeg.wasm doesn't support nodejs?

ffmpeg.wasm did support nodejs before 0.12.0, but decided to discontinue nodejs support due to:

Of course, it is still highly welcome to contribute a nodejs version of ffmpeg.wasm.

Why ffmpeg.wasm is so slow comparing to ffmpeg?

As of now, WebAssembly is still a lot slower than native, it is possible to further speed up using WebAssembly intrinsic, which is basically writing assembly code. It is something we are investigating and hope to introduce in the future.

If you are OK with more unstable version of ffmpeg.wasm, using ffmpeg.wasm multithread (mt) version can have around 2x speed comparing to single thread (but consume a lot more memory and cpu)

Is RTSP supported by ffmpeg.wasm?

We are trying to support, but so far WebAssembly itself lack of features like sockets which makes it hard to implement RTSP protocol. Possible workarounds are still under investigation.

What is the license of ffmpeg.wasm?

There are two components inside ffmpeg.wasm:

@ffmpeg/core contains WebAssembly code which is transpiled from original FFmpeg C code with minor modifications, but overall it still following the same licenses as FFmpeg and its external libraries (as each external libraries might have its own license).

@ffmpeg/ffmpeg contains kind of a wrapper to handle the complexity of loading core and calling low-level APIs. It is a small code base and under MIT license.

What is the maximum size of input file?

2 GB, which is a hard limit in WebAssembly. Might become 4 GB in the future.

How can I build my own ffmpeg.wasm?

In fact, it is @ffmpeg/core most people would like to build.

To build on your own, you can check Contribution Guide

Also you can check this series of posts to learn more fundamental concepts (OUTDATED, but still good to learn foundations):