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Playground allows you to try ffmpeg.wasm without any installation and development!

Quick Start
  1. Wait for assets (~32 MB) downloading.
  2. Press to download & add sample files.
  3. Press to convert an AVI file to MP4 file.
  4. Download output files.

How to Use 🚀

It is recommended to read Overview first to learn ffmpeg.wasm fundamentals.

A typical flow to use ffmpeg.wasm is:

Download and load JavaScript & WebAssembly assets

The assets are downloaded automatically when you enter the Playground. You can choose to use multithreading version instead by click on the switch:

Load files to in-memory File System

When ffmpeg.wasm is loaded and ready, you can upload files to its in-memory File System to make sure these files can be consumed by the ffmpeg.wasm APIs:

  • : Upload a media file.
  • : Upload a text file.
  • : Create a new folder.
  • : Refresh File System.


to load a set of samples files.

Run a command

With files are ready in the File System, you can update arguments in the Editor and hit


Download output files

Lastly you can download your files using File System panel and check the result. 🎉